"The Trustees of our donation foundation are a dedicated and passionate group of individuals committed to making a positive impact on our community and the world. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, they work tirelessly to ensure that every donation is used effectively to support our mission and bring about meaningful change. Meet the people behind the vision, driving our foundation's philanthropic endeavors."

"The Silah Foundation is a prominent donation foundation with a mission deeply rooted in promoting education, healthcare, and community development. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed, the visionary founder of Silah Foundation, established this organization with the unwavering belief that everyone deserves access to basic necessities and opportunities for growth. Driven by compassion and a commitment to social change, his motive is to bridge the gaps in society and create a better, more equitable world. Through Silah Foundation, he strives to make a lasting impact by providing resources and support to those in need, ultimately transforming lives and communities for the better."


Subhan Siddique

One of the primary responsibilities of Subhan Siddique is to provide strategic direction. He is like to work together to define the foundation’s goals, identify key areas for philanthropic focus, and develop long-term strategies. This involves conducting thorough research, assessing the needs of the community or cause they aim to support, and making informed decisions on resource allocation.

Financial stewardship is another criticalaspect of his work. Subhan Siddique manage the foundation’s assets, investments, and budget, striving to maximize the impact of every dollar donated. They must ensure that the foundation operates efficiently, with a focus on minimizing administrative overhead to direct more resources toward charitable programs.

Dr. Saud Javed

Dr. Saud Javed dedicated trustee of the Silah foundation is the guiding force behind its philanthropic endeavors, ensuring transparency, accountability, and the effective allocation of funds to fulfill the foundation's mission. Through the Silah Foundation, his tireless efforts bring resources and support to those in need, leading to profound transformations in the lives and communities it serves."




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