Donate to provide healthcare and medication for individuals in need

Each donation makes a significant impact. Your support directly enables individuals in need to receive medical treatment, find secure housing, and begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

Each day, Youth Off The Streets becomes the refuge for children and adolescents seeking assistance. Some have found themselves homeless, having fled from familial abuse and neglect. Many grapple with mental health issues, while others have lost their connection to education and lost hope for their future.

You have the option to make a monetary contribution for covering the expenses of cancer treatments, encompassing chemotherapy, medications, light therapy, and more.

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Medical emergencies come without a warning. At times, health insurance and savings are not enough to cover the expensive bill.

There are many ways you can help young Pakistanis in need.

Case Information

Three doses have been completed out of four, which were scheduled every three weeks. The last dose will be administered by November 10th, and each dose costs £160, which includes doctor and hospital charges, medications, and any required tests.


Next Therapy

The next therapy session is scheduled to begin on November 10th. The cost remains the same. However, this is a 12-week course, and the treatment needs to be administered every week, with a total of 12 weekly doses. The overall cost remains unchanged.


Therapy Cost Details

1st therapy
1 section 21 days 160£
2 section 21 days 160£
3 section 21 days 160£
4 section 21 days 160£
The total Cost for the first therapy was required. 640£
2nd therapy 12 weeks plan
Every week section costs 160£
Total cost needed = 1920£

Our Promise

For many years, we've been aiding and empowering underprivileged young Pakistanis. Every step of this journey has been taken alongside our generous donors and partners.We value each and every contribution we receive and make sure that every dollar is directed to where it's most essential.